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My name is Samuel. I graduated from the architectural school in 2011. I discovered in my photography class that photography is something I really enjoy. Back then I did not visualize photography as a profession. It was more of a hobby. My friends complimented my pictures and motivated me to keep learning about photography. The fact that I did not have enough money to purchase a professional camera made me put aside this really exciting hobby.


I finally met her and she was beautiful. Her name was Renata, my first DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera. An entry-level Canon T6 that showed me how passionate I was about photography. I was taking pictures of everything, like a child with a new toy, so much fun. The more pictures I took, the more passionate I became. People began to notice my pictures and compliment my work. They were asking me to take pictures of their special events, and then... a lightning bolt hit me. I started to think about photography as a profession. 


I started this business "Samuel TM Photography". To me it is more than a business, it is my passion to create the loudest expression of silence... Photography


I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story. I would like the privilege of expressing to you what I feel about this beautiful art. I invite you to immortalize a moment of your life in a way that you will never forget.... with a beautiful picture.



Our commitment


Our goal is to immortalize life moments in a magical way, making them perpetual in your heart. We believe that happiness is a mindset based on how we perceive our surroundings, and by enhancing those happy moments we are contributing to increasing that positive energy that complements us. A photo of you in your gorgeous wedding dress, the lovely look of a mother to her son on the living room wall, every member of your family in a stoning canvas, those are priceless things that have a significant impact in our life.

We are a  photography team based in Treasure Coast, Florida. We specialize in weddings and portraits with a style influenced by fine art, romantic, fun, and emotional taste, resulting in a creative, clean and crisp piece of art.

We are passionate about documenting the precious sparks in life through photography and translate

that process in a memorable experience.

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